John Oliver bit on truth for Donald Trump

If you are an ardent Trump supporter, you either have a great sense of humor or you hate this.

Reporters covering him asked, “What does he mean when he says words?”

From the wall to the travel ban, he is trying to implement what he said, this as admirable.

The observation that was funniest was his focus on Trump’s obsession with cable news. Oliver showed the timing between Trump’s tweets and stories covered on Fox. Frightening or funny, you decide.

Following this, he showed Trump’s propensity to quote Breitbart and Alex Jones.

View the full video, and although funny, makes great points. The bottom line, Trump doesn’t care about the truth. He cares about a bunch of people agreeing with him even without facts upon which to base it.

Spencer justifying the President’s lying about the things by saying “he believes it.”

The ending bit is the best. It is up to use to check the new we hear, especially if the news validates our own world view.