Anger: It takes a great deal of energy, but no effort.

We see people getting angry everywhere. From road rage to social media, to news channels, anger is everywhere.

Perhaps it’s because it takes no effort to be angry. We don’t have to think. So many others are angry, even egging us on the be angry too. It’s very easy to get angry. 

Being angry takes no effort. 

It does take a lot of our energy, though. It leaves us with little energy for anything else that actually requires effort. 

The sad thing about anger is that it seems to provide its own jump start. We don’t need to have the energy to get angry. We can be dead tired, and still, some story manages to infuse us with the energy to start being angry all over again. 

It really is like a drug.

And like a drug, anger can consume us. We need it to become energized. We seek it out. 

How else can we explain the amount of time we spend watching cable “news” programs? 

Cable “news” is like the crack den for anger junkies. 

And like drug dealers, the networks know how to hook their users, getting them to come back for another fix.

Being happy requires effort, at first.

Like any new habit, you have to be intentional as you develop happiness. 

The first step is perhaps the hardest. Stop engaging with the anger dealers. Turn off cable “news” and block peddlers of  anger in social media (or just stop social media altogether.)

Next, find joy in the little things. Seek out music that makes you smile or just feel good. Talk to people who have positive energy. If the sun is out, face the sky and smile. Look for the flowers, or the art, or the laughing child. Find the things that make you smile, even just a little.

Once you start making a habit of looking, you’ll find all sorts of things that can make you smile. 

Before long, you just smile more with no extra effort. You may even become the one who helps others to smile. 

The habit starts with effort and soon becomes a part of you.

You have the control not to be angry. It just takes a bit of effort to start.

Sea lions are suffing giant waves

sea lions sufing wave in California

This is awesome! These sea lions are having a blast surfing the giant wave. Taken off the coast on Santa Barbara Island, California, this is crazy cool footage.



This is part of the Pacific Offshore Expeditions. Watch as these sea lions take the waves, jump out, and dive back in.  It’s a rare catch to get this on video.

Illinois to be First State to Tax Human Waste By Weight

Illinois legislators are taking up legislation to tax human waste.

The proposed measure will tax households based on the weight of the sewage discharge. Weight and consistency will be analyzed with new “smart waste sensors” installed at the junction where each residence waste discharge pipe joins with the municipal sewer system.

The legislation calls for the sensors to be installed by the fall of 2021. While the installation job will be put out to bid, the estimates range from $2 billion to $6 billion. A special Bond issue is expected to cover the cost of the new system.

When challenged about the effect of additional taxes on Illinois residents, the bill’s sponsors said the tax burden can be reduced quite easily by simply eating less. One legislator went so far as to suggest that taxing human waste will lead to less eating and healthier residents, therefore they are doing residents a great service by taxing their waste.

A satirical article on a fictional tax so close to our experience that people should be forgiven for believing it is real.

John Oliver bit on truth for Donald Trump

oliver on trump

If you are an ardent Trump supporter, you either have a great sense of humor or you hate this.

Reporters covering him asked, “What does he mean when he says words?”

From the wall to the travel ban, he is trying to implement what he said, this as admirable.

The observation that was funniest was his focus on Trump’s obsession with cable news. Oliver showed the timing between Trump’s tweets and stories covered on Fox. Frightening or funny, you decide.

Following this, he showed Trump’s propensity to quote Breitbart and Alex Jones.

View the full video, and although funny, makes great points. The bottom line, Trump doesn’t care about the truth. He cares about a bunch of people agreeing with him even without facts upon which to base it.

Spencer justifying the President’s lying about the things by saying “he believes it.”

The ending bit is the best. It is up to use to check the new we hear, especially if the news validates our own world view.

Smile Anyway

It seem like the world has a preference for the bad things. But there is overwhelmingly more good. We simply choose to look for the things that make us smile. Sometimes it’s a beautiful photograph or painting, then it might be music or children laughing. There are so many good things about this world. We just want to bring it to life.