Robot gardener in your backyard

Home gardening is a hobby for many, a way of life for others and a primary food source for some. If you’re not a green thumb, or have more money than time, this robot gardener is pretty cool. This is an open source project, meaning you can get the plans for free and build it yourself (or buy the kit for $3,900). The robot is programmed through an app and does everything from planting seeds and watering to weeding the garden (yes, it uses a camera and software to recognize weeds and pluck them out). With durable parts, it can survive year round outdoors.

To learn more about this project, take a look at

Of course, if you like to get dirty, plant and pluck, this takes away from your hobby time in the garden.  I know a few folks who prefer the old fashion gardening methods. But this is a great direction for places like urban rooftop gardens, or folks with a desire to just experiment, or like me who like the food but have little skills or patience for gardening.