Hummingbirds sleeps, and snores

Hummingbirds are seen around our house a during the Spring and occasionally we catch them in the summer. Our neighbor, who keeps feeders and plants specifically to attract birds has hummingbirds around her house much longer. But I’ve never seen them in winter.

In a piece from National Geographic’s on hummingbirds, I read about how they are around in the winter, at least is some areas. At night they go into a hibernation like state where their body temperature drops to 47 degrees from 107.

Their heart rate drops by about 90%, from over 1,250 down to about 100. The National Geo article has a lot more about the different types of hummingbirds, check out out.

One of the videos they had was this one of a hummingbird sleeping. They actually snore! It’s pretty cute.