Look to fight for something, rather than seek something to fight against

For two months I have seen and heard a lot of despair. People are upset in the extreme because of the election and they are gearing up to fight against Donald Trump.

I think this is a mistake.

Eight years ago, when President Obama took office, and again four years later, there was an equally aggressive stance against him. We had 8 years of right wing politicians whose primary goal (and stated by some) was to oppose President Obama at every turn. Their position was supported by a boisterous body of hardliners who accepted no compromise.

Over that time there were areas of national interest on which both parties could have compromised. But it didn’t happen. We spent eight years with Washington tied in knots and a public frustrated by ineffectual governance.

To “fight against” President Trump is an effort that will reap no fruit; he will remain president, have the bully pulpit and continue to be who he is.

Rather than go forth with blanket opposition to President Trump, we need to select those areas about which we are passionate, involved, or deeply invested, and focus our energy to improve them.

“Fight for…”

Education, healthcare, poverty assistance, eldercare issues, childcare, defense, race relations, the environment … there is a nearly endless list of issues our country must address. Pick one, or two… if you are really energetic, pick three.

Learn deeply about the issue, research, listen openly to others, form opinions, then write and call legislators or local politicians.

Rallying against something is easy, especially when the target is so clear. But it is also ineffective. Focus energy constructively to create something better locally, regionally or nationally.

Commiseration is a short term placebo. It’s time for the real cure. Act in support of something.