Elephant or Giraffes just a small part of Matthieu Robert-Ortis

I am fascinated by this kind of art. Having neither the skill nor the creativity to create what Matthieu Robert-Ortis does, I am envious to say the least.

Matthieu’s wire sculptures transform the subject as your perspective changes. Sometimes the subject is completely buried in the tangle of wires and is only revealed from a single perspective. Other sculptures transform from one subject to something completely different. The style is Anamorphose (figuration and abstraction) and metamorphose (figuration and abstraction and figuration.)

While displayed, the he uses shadows to reveal the two subjects simultaneously.

Getlinline crab and man

Most have seen the The Revolution of Giraffes sculpture, but these is more and all of it is really cool.

You can get a glimpse of Matthieu in his studio here.

His Youtube channel has a few more videos as well.

If you want to know a bit more about him, here is an article on Matthieu Robert-Ortis.